1-Focus on increasing the satisfaction of getting students through the development of educational services and student quality and upgrade

2-Management of financial resources efficiently and correctly the unit and trying to create new sustainable financial resources

3-Modifying the composition of the Faculty and staff to improve the structure and the development of the staffing system with continuous expansion and empowerment approach

 4-Expansion and development of graduate courses based on the needs of the country  

5. The development of physical infrastructure and the creation of spaces and the appropriate environmental factors in accordance with scientific and educational standards in the world

6-Increase the production of knowledge through research and applied research based on the basic needs of the country

7Increase the share of University productions at the level of national, regional and international scientific centers

8- Increase cooperation with national and transnational

9- Cultural research and commercialization and deployment – research and technology achievements of the University through the development of knowledge enterprises Foundations

10-Improvement services to faculty and staff as the Organization's valuable resources to promote religious and national identities

 11-Students, faculty and staff as the Foundation of the original column, and move towards the vision to create the necessary conditions to University

12-Becoming a Green University to help preserve the environment