Presidents Welcome

Guilan, the land of forest and rain, rice and roaring streams; habitat of violet, primrose and water lily; habitat of swans and wild ducks and thousands breathtaking sceneries and beauties, plain, sea and mountain face each other and the furious waves kiss the shore and sands. A land abundant with life and gaiety, the fascinating nature of which not only inspires diligence but provoke thought, peace, and creativity. 

Islamic Azad University-Rasht branch was established in 1982 with the aims of empowering Guilanies and paving the way for scientific and economic development in the province. The university has now become the largest branch of Islamic Azad University in Guilan province achieving the rank of “Comprehensive” campus through diligence and continuous efforts of its academics and personnel. We trust that university is the source of all development and the means for changing the nation’s destiny. Now, entering the fourth decade of the university’s life, we are determined to increase the educational quality of the university through developing knowledge-based disciplines and economy. We will do our best to materialize the goals. We believe that educational development and improvement of the university’s educational status is possible only through supporting  our students, who deserve special attention.