Islamic Azad university, Rasht branch


The history of Islamic Azad university-Rasht establishment

Islamic Azad University-Rasht branch, was established at the suggestion of Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani and the 1,000,000 Tomans donation by Imam Khomeini, the architecture of the Islamic Revolution,  in Rasht   on Dec 21,1982 after Tehran branch and following the establishment of  10 more branches in Tabriz, Zahedan, Ahvaz, Kerman, Jiroft, Mashhad, Yazd, Ghaemshahr, Shahroud and Roodehen.  Dr. Kamali was the first chancellor of the Islamic Azad University-Rasht branch.

Formally introducing Dr. Kamali as the first chancellor of the Rasht branch by Dr. Jasbi, the president of the Islamic Azad University to the Guilan province governor general, he participated in the 24th meeting of the Coordination Council for Guilan Province Islamic Revolutionary Institutions  attended by Rasht imam of congregational prayer, the governor general and other revolutionary institutions’ directors to elaborate on the goals sought by the university and their  scientific  and cultural outcomes, the  report of which was published in the 1057th issue of  Jomhouri Islami newspaper on Feb 21, 1983.

The first discipline approved for the branch was Mathematics, which became operational on Sep23, 2016, admitting 100 students.

In 1983, Doctor Kamali left the university upon being nominated for presidency of Gorgan branch by the Minister of Science. He introduced Dr. Nosratollah Zargham, chancellor of the University of Guilan, as his substitute.  This paved the way for the Rasht branch to benefit the governmental university’s facilities and assistance.  The new chancellor brought 2 faculty members to the branch, namely, Dr. Farzaneh & Dr. Ansari, a professor of Mathematics.

The university was firs established in a two-story building located behind the Guilan Broadcasting Organization. The first story had been dwelled by war- stricken families. The second story, hosted the branch, including 4 rooms, 2 for the chancellor and his vice with the other 2 rooms for classrooms.

The third chancellor was Dr. Saeed Farzaneh Kazerooni, who was appointed by Dr. Jasbi on Jan 20, 1990. 

The first year of Dr. Farzaneh’s presidency coincided with the earthquake in the north of the country, destroyed one of the buildings leased by the branch. It left the students with no place to go on with their studies. 

The mishap made the university to purchase 2 lands in Pol-e-Taleshan and Salkisar Village on Lakan road. The construction operations were initiated by the late Ayatollag Ehsanbakhsh, the Iran leader’s representative and imam of congregational prayer. This opened a new chapter of development and construction of new buildings in Rasht branch. The university, by itself, contributed largely to economic and civil projects of the city.

 The first building in the complex was put in the operation was the physical education set. This was an honorary of  Dr.Eftekhary’s effort and now the collection is an important complex in the country which achieves lots of succeed.     

Within the Islamic Azad University Rasht-Branch development, SAMA’s school became operation in Sep, 1993, admitting 27 students in the first grade of high school with SAMA’s wise president authorization.

In the 90’s with accepting the non-native students especially the girls the need of dormitory was felt since 1993, there was not any hostel for the students use. Islamic Azad University-Rasht Branch has two buildings on his own for the girl students with the capacity over 700 students.   

In terms of development, Rasht branch had a serious attention to the construction. So they hired the experienced staffs. The construction on PoleTaleshan operated in 1996, and the buildings were used one by one with any kind of limitation.  

Rasht Branch having a complex over 550,000 square meters, more than 19,000 square meters educational land and a beyond advanced equipped laboratory, has the honors to educate the youngsters.                 

Islamic Azad University Rasht-Branch admitting 15000 students in 141 disciplines on Bachelor, Masters, Doctorate and Doctor of philosophy has 60,000 graduate students which are serving the Islamic Republic of Iran.  


Islamic Azad University Rasht- branch Presidents since the establishment



Academic rank

Date of appointment


DR. A. Kamali

Assistant professor of  Natural Resources



Dr. N. Zargham

Associate Professor



Dr. S. Farzaneh Kazerooni

Assistant professor  of Veterinary Medicine



Dr. R. Simbar


Full professor of Political science



Dr. Seyed Ali Mirebrahimi

Assistant professor  of Jurisprudence and Islamic law



Dr. Mohammad Hossein Sororaldin

Full professor  of  Analytical Chemistry



Dr. Behrooz Daneshian

Associate professor  of Applied mathematics



Dr. Alireza Amirteimoori

Full professor of Applied Mathematics