Students And Welfare Affairs Office

Students’ & Welfare Affairs



A description of duties of the Students’ Welfare   Affairs Office

Allocating facilities and granting loans to students of Islamic Azad University to help them continue their education and improve their living conditions

  -Payment of student loans allocated by the Ministry of sciences,

 -Participation in meetings held by the welfare Fund.                                                       

How to use the facilities provided by the Students’ Welfare Fund (terms and conditions):

Students’ Welfare Fund of Rasht branch is to supply part of the educational and living costs of students in accordance with regulations. The amount of loans depends on the amount of tuition determined for each field of study and for each academic year, payable at the beginning of each semester, following the terms and conditions.

Types of Loans:

  1) Supplying a part of the tuition

2) Supplying a portion of educational costs                            

3)  Supplying part of housing rental

4) Supplying Part of marriage ceremony expenses during their study

5) Supplying an essential part of medical costs and hospital bill                                       

It should be noted that the Loan determined by Ministry of Science (the loan granted upon graduation) will be given to graduates the budget allocated by the government annually.  The information regarding the loan will be posted on the notice board. 

The loan recipients’ requirements

1) Observance of students’ ethics and good conduct by students as directed by the university 

2) Only qualified Students receive entitlements based on their financial status

3)  Enrollment for minimum academic credits as specified in the  educational curriculum

5) Failure to pass the courses will disqualify students to receive facilities.

Loan allocation terms and conditions:

Each branch may grant loan to eligible students based on its financial sources as per the laws and regulations.

Loan payment method:

1) At the beginning of each semester, the fund provides students with application forms upon accomplishing preliminary investigation of the students’ needs to grant loan based on its financial sources.

 Preliminary surveys are done for every single academic Fund, prior to the start of the semester about the financial possibilities of the mutual fund facility, accordingly application questionnaire form available to qualified student

Loan approval Committee:

A Committee in each university branch consisting of three members, chairman of the student welfare fund and two people knowledgeable in finance and the student matters are chosen for a period of 4 years  to propose administrative, financial and student related matters in accordance with approval of head of the unit.

Note: All securities and documents of the Fund shall be valid bearing signature of the vice president and the chairman of the Fund.

Cases in which the debt will be converted into compulsory repay:

In the following, all student debt to pay for the remaining facilities received become compulsory repay and required action must be taken in order to comply with all the regulations

  1. 1) If the student is dismissed the University for any reason or does not continue to student
  2. 2) If a student provides the university with untrue information in order to receive accommodations
  3. 3) In case of violation of the provisions of the disciplinary unit
  4. 4) Non-payment of installments specified in due receipt without justifiable excuse

The most important recommendations of the student welfare fund to valued students:

The student welfare fund account number:-

-Siba Account Number: 0109098888008

 -All students are required to be considerate about debt related issues on the above account number including loan installments and tuition fees otherwise student welfare Fund Office will not be responsible for the consequences.

- Students must pay their dues towards the delayed on student welfare fund as prescribed by the action, otherwise will be deprived of the future benefits

How to claim debts:

The University is allowed to go through the various claims, to the debtor (student), co-signer or sponsor or other guarantors or any assets of the debtor and choose the most reliable way

Miscellaneous provisions:

1) Students that haven't paid off their loans when graduating won't be given  a certified degree until the full settlement of the debt

2) Submitting transcripts and providing students with certification to apply for overseas universities are subject to the full student debt settlement.

3) The amount of the loan given to students, all in one payment or separate payments, to be paid in accordance with the student offices and the relevant documents and undisputed installments. Student's repayment shall be based on the specified criteria and payable on due dates.

4) Students who pay tuition loans and installments are owed should be on set to see the students' welfare fund and proceed to pay their settlements.

5) Students who owe the welfare fund office or the dormitory must be advised that they won't be registered until a complete settlement on due dates.

Student accident insurance:

In order to help students who suffer damages during unexpected situations, the insurance fund of the University will compensate such damages in accordance with the following compensation obligations:

1)the cost of accident up to 20/000/000 Rial.( Only the medical expenses on the incident is payable and the cost of continuation of the treatment is not payable)

2) In the event of impairment and disability up to 100/000/000 Rial.

3) In case of death resulting an accident up to 100/000/00 Rial.


 Note: Regarding paragraph 2 and 3, in the event that the damage caused by the inclusion of the following items to be outside Fund obligations:

A) Suicide or an attempt to suicide

B) Physical injuries that the insured student has deliberately caused.

C) Drunken or taken any drugs/ stimulant drugs

D) Commit criminal acts ranging supervisory and participation and involvement in the affairs or intentional contention.

E) Damages caused by sports activities in the form of club tournaments, leagues and teams ed by the University (This kind of events must be referred to federation's medical premium of physical education organization.

How to announce compensation:

In the event of an accident, the students or the parents are required to notify the office of the damages and provide documentation within 2 months after the occurrence of the incident in order to be qualified for the compensation by the compensation committee..

Documents required for receiving compensation:

In case of an accident on campus, necessary documents are: A:

1) Complete the incident report form

2) Complete the cost request form

3) The original invoices for hospital costs and treatment documents at the time of accident (The cost of the continuation of the treatment after the accident is not covered).

4) Student photo ID.

B: In case of an accident outside the University, necessary documents are:

1) The original report of the incident by the police and regulatory traffic map or a certified picture equal to the original justice with specification of the injured person mentioned in it(In the case of road accidents and incidents).

2) The original invoices for hospital costs and treatment documents at the time of accident (The cost of the continuation of the treatment after the accident is not covered).

3) Complete the cost request form

4) Student photo ID

If the accident leads to a death the following documents also must be attached:

5) The original death certificate approved by the registrar office and original documents of the burial permits or forensic image has been certified by the justice.


Note: All fees after approval by the Central Organization of Islamic Azad University will be payable.